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Aug 172016
Kinetic Museum Eureka

We last visited Humboldt County’s glorious kinetic sculptures in 2014, in the article “In Search of a Home for Humboldt’s Kinetic Sculptures.” We reported that sculptures and related memorabilia had lost their home at Kinetic Universe’s museum in Ferndale, and >read more

Aug 162016
Moonstone Guitars

lu•thi•er / loo-tee-er / n. / Origin: Fr., from luth (lute), from MF lut. 1. one who makes stringed musical instruments. 2. Steve Helgeson. Story and photo by David Kaftal When you walk into Steve Helgeson’s Moonstone Guitars studio, you >read more

Aug 172016
Reubin Mayes

Reuben T. Mayes is an Abstract Expressionist. Although Reuben is in a wheelchair and uses an augmentative speech device to communicate, his vibrant and thought-provoking art is creating a stir in the local art community and elsewhere with a wide >read more

Aug 162016
Soulshine Arts

When you walk into the studio at Soulshine Arts, you get the feeling that exciting things happen there…and you’re right. Even if you’re not participating, the capricious nature of the medium makes glassblowing a dynamic art that’s fun to watch. >read more

Feb 112015
The Arcata House Artists Guild

Here’s a good magic trick: how do you turn a painting of a house into a real house? The answer: when local residents commission members of the Arcata House Artists Guild to paint portraits of their homes, half the money >read more

Aug 172016
The Ink People

From the love of printmaking, the Ink People came into being. Two local printmakers, Libby Maynard and Brenda Tuxford, wanted to create a peer support group for artists. The collective quickly came to use providing education about the value of >read more

Aug 172016
The Old Steeple

You might not expect to find a world-class music venue in the tiny town of Ferndale (population 1,370), but The Old Steeple is full of surprises. Located in a magnificent former church abounding with ambiance thanks to Italian tin ceilings, >read more